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#3 Alan Zinda taught us all how to love life. 

There are sad times in one's life when everything comes into perspective.  Today was one of them for me.  I'm not the most emotional person and as bad as I want to cry there's this memory of an absolutely wonderful person that's telling me to keep my chin up.  Alan was without a doubt one of a kind and he made our Scout trips extra special.  I'm never going to forget him or his love of life.  I know we all have trials; we even sometimes make mountains out of molehills, but without a doubt Alan taught us all the importance of living life to the fullest.  He put a lifetime into his 22 years here on this earth and what he did during that time changed everyone that he came in contact with.  Thank you Alan Zinda.  You are truly my hero. We will see you in Heaven one day and we will camp, hike, cook meals and laugh. May God hold you in the palm of his hand.


#2 It's cool to be different. 

On Wednesday at Tesomas I shared with the Scouts an important life lesson that "it's cool to be different". And while it was delivered by just the sporting of some nice mow hawks, the message is what counted. I hope all of the Scouts understand what I was trying to say.


#1 Hooray for Heroes.
Troop 200 at the National World War II Museum, New Orleans

Tonight Troop 200 had the honor of writing letters to World War II Veterans participating in the Never Forgotten Honor Flight Program to Washington D.C. I’m not sure how many Americans have ever written a letter to a World War II Veteran and I’m not sure how many Americans would even know what to say. You can certainly imagine my hesitation when approached with this task. However, the Scouts of Troop 200 had a slight edge. Not only did many of the Scouts visit the very same monuments and memorials that the Veterans will be visiting in Washington DC, but they just got back from a trip to New Orleans where they visited the National World War II Museum. I’ve come to learn that there are very few occasions in life where one can say “this is what it’s all about”, but tonight was one of them. The Scouts not only understood the significance of WWII, but also understood clearly who a WWII Veteran is. The “greatest generation” should know, that here in the small town of Rosholt, Wisconsin, kids do understand the deep sacrifices that were made for them by our Veterans.

And through their somewhat poor penmanship they put into words some of the most remarkable thoughts one could ever imagine. They understand the trepidation of many Americans about WWII before Pearl Harbor, they understand angst of Americans just coming out of a great depression, they understand the fear of being dropped into a forest and using a cricket to find out if those around you were friend or foe, they understand the over 55 million lives lost, they understand a country devoted not to selfish gains, but a common goal through sacrifice and they understand the saddest reality of all in how many kids grew up without a father that they never even knew. They understand that when they are enjoying a picnic on Memorial Day or July 4th, it’s the World War II Veteran that made it possible. They understand the World War II Veteran is the truest hero in every sense of the term. I wish I had made copies of all those letters. I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to not only help kids learn knots, first aid and how to survive in the outdoors, but for the opportunity to help them learn personally the sacrifices that so many have made so they can be free. May God bless our American Veterans and may they always know that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

For A Better Future Through Scouting,

Chris J. martin
Scoutmaster, Troop 200 – Rosholt, WI

Never Forgotten Honor Flight - We fly our Veterans to see the monuments that stand in their honor. Welcome to Never Forgotten Honor Flight! Our mission is to provide a special kind of honor for the sacrifices of America's veterans. We fly our heroes to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials. Top priority is given to senior veterans – World War II survivors. ...

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